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Over 3.5 years ago, Melissa attained her massage therapist certification through the Pebble Spa education program, and continues learning every chance she gets.

Melissa specializes in deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, craniosacral, trigger point therapy, and hot stone massage, although she is happy to offer all other services. She especially likes to work with low back, IT band, hip/glutes, sciatica, neck and shoulder areas - with emphasis on tension headaches and knot work. 

Melissa is known for her heavy "gorilla" hands, but she can also deliver a lighter, more gentle classic massage.

She graduated from Bemidji State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Design Technology, with emphasis in web and print graphic design. After 10 years of design and agency work, she needed a change of pace where she could help others and work with people hands-on. Never quite retiring from design, she currently maintains the company website, and Pebble Spa's social media accounts. 

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