Head Massage

Camp Pebble Wellness Institute

Additional Courses and Externship

229 E Sheridan St. |  Ely MN 55731 :: 218.365.0809 ::  admissions@pebblespaco.com

Adult CPR and Basic First Aid

Students need to complete an accredited course in Adult CPR and Basic First Aid. Admissions will help pair students up with a class that they can attend.  

Student Externship

100 hours

Student externship stands as a capstone to our Massage Practitioner Certificate Program, providing students the opportunity to create individualized client sessions under the guidance of a supervisor.

Our on-site clinic promotes learning in a paid professional atmosphere that prepares students for future employment. By providing bodywork to members of the general public, working at one of our Pebble Spa locations helps build the students’ self-confidence 
and professional competence as a bodywork professional. The externship consists of fulfilling 100 scheduled hours. The concierge staff schedules appointments and it is the responsibility of the student to check their schedule and come prepared for each client session. Students must come professionally dressed in a Pebble Spa attire. A table, linens, oil, and lotion will be provided for every appointment hour, but it is the responsibility of the student to prepare the room prior to each session and clean it after use.  Students will be paid at a rate of $22 per treatment hour.