Camp Pebble Wellness Institute :: Self Care Classes

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Healthy Lifestyles

25 hours - 25 online

In order to offer thorough and comprehensive bodywork, it is important for the therapist to have an ethos based on a healthy lifestyle. Observing one's own physical and mental mindset can help you approach bodywork through a tangible look at the entire mind and body connection. As bodyworkers you will be challenged physically and mentally, so it is important to have an outlet that helps keep you grounded. This also improves your empathy towards clients. The focus of this healthy lifestyles course is to assess the therapist's health, which leads to the ability to provide safe and healthy recommendations for your clientele. It can be beneficial to send clients home with healthy lifestyle practices, such as the use of foam rollers or mobility movements, so they can be actively involved in their betterment. We will broach the subject of how to accurately start this conversation with them and offer these suggestions.

Seasonal Wellness

10 hours - 5 class, 5 lab

In seasonal wellness, students will have the ability to take learned behavior or techniques from other classes and incorporate them into their everyday life.  An emphasis will be placed on the clients behaviors or needs, and how they often change in relation to the seasonal changes.  Comparison will be made on how seasonal changes may affect the therapist as well.  

Self Care for Therapists

4 hours - 4 online

When working in the field of bodywork, self-care and body mechanics play a very important role in the longevity of one's career. This course introduces the importance of having a routine that includes stretching, mobility exercises, and self massage. The use of body mechanics, correct table height, as well as including forearms and elbows in massage work is detrimental. This course will also introduce the importance of grounding and meditation techniques to practice the art of letting go.

Discovering Your Purpose

10 hours - 10 online

Life purpose is what brings joy and meaning to our lives. Discover what your inner self is striving for. Learn practices that can help you identify your purpose and driving factors ultimately bringing you lifelong understanding and joy.

Yoga and Stretching

20 hours - 10 class, 10 lab

This class covers the importance of both the therapists and clients to incorporate stretching into their everyday life. Therapists will be shown stretches that can improve their longevity in the field of practice in the form of active and passive stretching alongside a yoga practice. Stretching can increase strength, range of motion, and flexibility; all important to counteract a job with repetitive aspects to it. The second portion of this class will focus on stretching as a tool to be taught to our clients, focus will be placed on teaching clients proper stretching course of action as a form of increasing their benefits from massage work.


10 hours -2 online, 8 lab

In this course we introduce the student to both active and passive forms of meditation. The basis of this course is to offer meditation as a tool of self care for the therapist. Topics will also include meditation tips and techniques to be offered to clients as a means of their own self care. Lab time will consist of both teacher and student led meditations.